I filled a ticket of Tokyo station with a link, please watch it.

Link to the station when have you click the station name of Yamate Line.

It is a ticket on October 3 in 1956.

It is a ticket on July 24 in 1957.

It is a ticket on November15 in 1958.

It is a ticket on October 12 in 1963.

It is a ticket on March 31 in 1964.It is a ticket of spring vacation of a year of Tokyo Olympics.

王子 Ouji

Perhaps it is the biggest memory ticket in Japan.

Because Mr. Masanao Oyama knew that I established ticket Homepage, it is the valuable ticket which he sent to me.It is the biggest ticket in memory ticket with what I watched heretofore.
By the way, size is 25.5 cm *77.9 cm and is printed matter as traffic advertisement of a train.Six pieces of Tokyo station admission tickets are done the layout of in the left side.
It is Tokyo station commencement of practice the 70th anniversary memory admission ticket of publication on December 1 in 1984 .

A chronological table and a photograph of Tokyo station are introduced on the back side of this ticket.

I will be to increase various kinds of pages furthermore on Tokyo.
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