An origin of Ikebukoro

In this place, there are ruins of many ponds and a spring is the abundant tournament.、A track of those ponds is left in Motoikebukuro park of the west Ikebukuro as a full pond.

Mr. Toyoshima families governed it till it was ruined around here by Doukan Ohta . Flag book mansion of tenryo, jiryo and daimyo scattered during a farm village.Population increased by a railroad was inaugurated to this ground and developing as commerce area. Ikebukuro increased with one of an important station as a newly developed city center of Yamate currently with Shinjuku &Shibuya.

My town, Ikebukuro.

I spent the boyhood in Ikebukuro.

Yamate Line transfer

A screen is connected with it to the station when clicks the station name of Yamate Line.


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