An origin of Otsuka

An origin of place name of Otsuka comes from the time there was a big mound literally. It is assumed that DOHKAN OHTA made a mound as sightseeing stand to put up s signal. It is said that this was a milestone of Oushiyu highway. It is a station of only Yamate Line intersecting Street car currently. Seibu Ikebukuro Line needed with Ikebukuro currentlyas the starting point,there was an idea to do Otsuka at first with the starting point, and Otsuka was full. Local inhabitants objected to the plan, and Ikebukuro became the starting point station of Seibu Ikebukuro Line. In about 1958, there was built the fifth floor department store in front of Otsuka station, and there was a private supplementary school named Yotsuya-Otsuka cramming school in the department store, and I went.
I remember that I took vehicle which turned around in an amusement park of the roof of department store many times .

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