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BLADE RUNNER collection

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BLADE RUNNER collection

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BR News

Philip K. Dick Official Site has opened last year! Loot at Geisha girl in Filmspage. [Jan 3 2004]

Japan in Blade Runner (in Japanese) updated!! [Oct 26 2003]

Watch the new corner BLIMP WATCHER! You can find a lot of Japanese message on the BLIMP body (not in the movie, but in a still photograph.) [Oct 5 2003]

Japanese collector's site, THE WORLD OF COLLECTION is open. I added the URL on BR Links. [Oct 5 2003]

VK test in the real world!! More Human than Human (The Wave Magazine). [Oct 5 2003]

Origami (in Japanese)released. Who fold the origamis? How to fold the UNICORN. [Feb 1 2003]

THE BLADE RUNNER WEBRING updated [Jun 2 2002]

The official BLADE RUNNER FAQ WWW Versionwas reborn!! And 2019: Off-World (Blade Runner page)was moved. See BR Links [Dec 24 2001]

Web Home of alt.fan.blade-runner and the Blade Runner FAQ added to BR Links [Sep 5 2001]

BLADE RUNNER: THE INSIDE STORY (Cinefex #9) added to BR Links. [Mar 31 2001]

The secret of "Futatsu De Jubun Desuyo." (in Japanese): updated!! [Feb 11 2001]

I wanna watch ON THE EDGE OF BLADE RUNNER!! [Dec 9 2000]
The secret of "Futatsu De Jubun Desuyo.".[Dec 9 2000]
Dick Links: philipkdick.com added. [Dec 9 2000]

FAQ in Japaneseupdated!!! [Jun 30 2000]

The book of "SPINNER" on-line version in Japanese. [May 7 1999]

"Retrofitting Blade Runner" 2nd edition released!!! [Aug 31 1998]

"Retrofitting Blade Runner : Issues in Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' and Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'" by Judith Kerman, Bowling Green State Univ; ISBN: 0879725109

This is Blade Runner Ring site! [May 30 1998]


BLADE RUNNER FAQ Japanese version v2.4J07[Jan 20 2001]
BLADE RUNNER FAQ v2.4 (Original) [Aug 17 1996]
JAPAN in BLADE RUNNER (in Japanese)[Feb 27 1998]
Futatsu De Jubun Desuyo (in Japanese) [Sep 23 2002]
Origami (in Japanese) [Feb 1 2003]
BLIMP WATCHER [Oct 4 2003] NEW!!!


Do you know "ON THE EDGE OF BLADE RUNNER" by Channel 4 Television?

I wanna watch ON THE EDGE OF BLADE RUNNER!! (in Japanese) [Dec 9 2000]


The message from Mr. Kolb (in Japanese) [Jun 21 1996]
GIF image version for non-kanji system. [Jun 21 1996]
The errors in "THE MAKING OF BLADE RUNNER Japanese version" (in Japanese)[Mar 2 1998]
my review (in Japanese) ("kinejun 1997-06 online version) Jun 14 1998, Jun 11 2000 and NOT FOUND NOW.


Kimura's LA report, Bradbury building now.[Dec 3 1995]

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