Jumping index
  1. Does fat tire feel me heavy pedaling?

  2. What kind of MTB tire.

  3. I want to put basket and mudguards my bike.

  4. Strange pedals

  5. I'll be give MTB to my son

  6. Can I put a new wireguide to my frame?

  7. My shifter is different.

  8. Which is good ,grip shift or Rapid fire?

  9. Change to V-brake.But I was said to change brake lever and shifter.

  10. I'm 158cm tall.What size bike is much to my body?

  11. When my friend look at my handleber,he said "You haven't ridden on offroad".Why he find out my riding.

  12. What kind of mudguard is best?

  13. I want to put on my bike the bar like a horn. And what is it?

  14. Please tell me how to set the height of handlebar.

  15. I want to put carrier on my full suspension bike.

  16. How to daily maintenance of MTB

  17. My heel touch to rear V-brake.

  18. What is the bike of cyclocross?

  19. It is difficult to remove the carbon of the brake shoe

  20. Are the blue color tires produced?

  21. The brake of my bike is crying.

  22. What is V-brake?

  23. Can I put the stabilizer of V-brake.

  24. Can I put use dual control lever of road bike.

  25. My bike punks many times in a day.

  26. I bought new bike what have 21 speed . Today How many speeds does mountainbaike have?

  27. The seat post of my bike is rusty so can't move.

  28. My tire grow the hair between the rim.

  29. I want change the crank . But recentry Shimano is shown "IG Chain only". Must I change the chain with crank?

  30. Is digital cycle mater credibility?

  31. The front shifter of my bike don't move crick click.Is this broken?

  32. When shifting inner~low gear,The guide of front dillayre is touch the chainring.

  33. I will buy the shoes for binding pedal.What kind careful about it?

  34. Please tell me the way of maintenance of Fox Alps suspension unit.

  35. It is difficult to step in SPD shoes.

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