Does fat tire feel me heavy pedaling?
Yes,thin tire can make you ligtly pedaling .But too much thin to ride wild.If you ordinaly ride onroad.You'll better put thin and slick type tire on your bike. This year "the onroad tire for MTB" is rereased by Panasonic.If you want to win roadbike in the street,You must get it.

What kind of tire is there?
The points of your choice of tires is three.

  1. Compound
  2. size
  3. Shape
compound soft hard
size fat thin
shape rough slick
feeling soft hard
grip for ground good srippy
pedaling feel heavy feel light

this chart shows general common.But tire feeling is change by condition , riding style,conbination of these elements.It's the best way that you test every tire.Recentry the tires are designed by front only and rear only.Be careful of miss front and rear.

I want put my bike a basket and mudguard.
The bike with busket and mudguard is called "papa chari",means papa bicycle. It's not cool! Please give up your wishes.

Papa chari

Mama chari
example How to shopping by MTB

Strange pedals.

It's binding type pedal "SPD=Simano Pedaling Dynamics"The 80% over of racer uses this pedal.It's great invention of 20th century.

I'll be give MTB to my son .
Specialized and Scott makes good MTB for kids. But it's a little expencive,and you can't decide to buy it. Because children is growing up faster.If you have such a money,you might think to buy your special MTB parts.
So I suggest you to buy BMX.BMX is so simple that ride easyly.And if your son will be tired it,you can enjoy it.

Can I put a new wiregide to my frame?
Use a bolton type wiregiode.If the frame of your bike is made by alminium or carbon,it's the best way to add the wireguide.About 700yen.

My shifter is different.

It's sumshifter.When the MTB was born,it's a epockmaker.In the '90th,shimano makes rapidfire type shifter.It is fade away.

Rapidfire is growing from the shifter of family bike.

Which is good ,gripshift or rapidfire?
I show the good point and poor point of each .


good point
  • Easy shifting by best index position.
  • Right touch of fingertops
  • Best match to dirayer of shimano
  • Shift ingicator is good looks.
  • You can choice many grade.
  • You don't have to move your finger.
  • You enjoy choice of many brake lever
  • Quick shifting
  • Shimple & beautiful handlebar.
poor point
  • You must move your finger.
  • You must push deep,when you shift inner to outer.
  • When rainning,it doesn't move easy.
  • It is little difficlut to know index position.
  • Shifting by shiftling is not easy.
  • Looks like for kids.

I want to change to V-brake.But I was said to change brake lever and shifter.Is it really?
The half is really the other is lie.
@Vbrake is very strong to save.But difficult to minimam comtrol,if you use the regular lever.All or nothing,It's very dangerous.But you have some way to put on Vbrakes.There is a brake lever without shifter at shimano XT grade.If you move the shifter and put on handlever direct.You may use the V-brake by low costs.

I'm 158cm tall.What size bike is much to my body?
It's a your feeling to ride some bike.In ordinary you stand over top tube of MTB,the bike of your best have 2~4 inches space from your top of legs.

When my friend look at my handleber,he said "You haven't ridden on offroad".Why he find out my riding.
Perhaps he looked your brakelever and shifter.When we ride on offroad,we must ride by standing form like a fig,1.When you ride by such a form,horizontal settingof lever will hurt your wrist.Conversely,if you ordinary ride by sitting form,horizontal setting is comfortable.fig.2
@If you want not to take lightly,you must set levers such as fig.3.