I have the GIANTATX970 (GIANT=Blue polish color)I want to put on blue tire to it. Is the blue tire producted?
Yes Yes Yes The blue tire is producted by some tire maker.
 And the other colors、red, white, grey,purple,yellow,green,peppermint green,cleam.
 In ordinary colored tire is firm compound.But blue Panasonic is feel like hard.It,s the fashionable tire for street riding.

The brake of my bike is crying.
This is difficult problem. My one is crying,too.
 Brake vibration makes noise,you have to set brake shoe rightly.
When you adjust the shoe,make the space 1 mm from the rim.

Rim pulls the shoes,when you ride the bike.
Caution!V-brake have no necessaries to set about this. The shoe of V-brake must be set parallel to rim.
 The another cause is the vibration of poor bike frame.when You put on the Brake Booster,the noise will be stop.

What is V-Brake?
nomal kanti brake

Can I put on brake stabilizer plate to V-brake.
OK! Shimano release carbon stabilizer for V-brake.

I want to use dropber.Can I use dual control lever of road bike?
OK OK! My friend use it. 8s model is no problem.

My tire punked two times a day. Because tire tube hit to rim.
It is "Snakebite"You must buy rim tape with new tube.Next you wrap round it to inner rim.

 I bought new bike what have 21 speed. Today How many speeds does mountainbaike have?
Today we have 3(Front)*8(rear)=24 speed is max.
But we can't use F(outer)*R(inner) and R(inner)*F(outer),so we have 24-2=22speeds. If you use this gear, the chain will be broken.

The seat post of my bike is rusty so can't move.
The first use silicon spray into the seat tube and clack by plastic hummer. Can't move? The next, remove the wheels and tie the saddle to the someting like the tree or steel handrail. And you pull the flame.

My tire grow the hair between the rim.
It's dangerous. Don't ride this bike, the tire will be burst. You must change the new tire.

I want change the crank. But resent Shimano is shown "IG Chain only". Must I change the chain with crank?

Is Digital cycle mater credibility?

The front shifter of my bike don't move crick click.Is this broken?
No it is nomal.The index system of front shifter is born in about 1992. The old model have no index system of front shifter.

When shifting inner×low gear,The guide of front derailleur is touch the chainring.
Screw the adjuster the root of the shift wire.You have to use no tools.

I will buy the shoes for binding pedal.What kind careful about it?
The shoes of bicycle is more tight fitting than sneakers.Because loose fitting shoe makes you difficult to pedalng.So you must care your neils of foot. You must care about your fingernail of foot.
I got second hand bike which have Fox alps. Tell me the way of adjust it.
You need high pressure inflater for suspension. Fox made it. It's most important tool for susupension of bicycle It is difficult to step in SPD shoes.
Important point is the position of creet and the strength of spring.
First adjust the rate of strength of spring. It is adjustable like the binding of ski.
The way of adjust is the the screw the bolt which positioninng rear of pedal.
See manual of SPD pedal.
I suggest the first ,you adjust minimum tention . It is safely way of practice of wearing SPD shoes.
And the positioning of creet on your shoes is center of holes. And move front or back for your taste. Try and Error is only way of finding your best position.

The first time head of your creet "like the head of airplane"is insert to pedal. You may kick the pedal from front and next you push down your heel . Only 30 minutes training feels you easy.