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Do you know The World Heritage that were listed up by UNESCO World Heritage Committee? There are 469 sites in the world by December 1995.
  1. The World Heritage I've Ever Visited

    Historic Areas of Istanbul, Turkey
    Palace and park of Versaills, France
    Paris,Banks of Seine, France
    Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay, France
    Baalbeck, Lebanon
    Byblos, Lebanon
    Anjar, Lebanon
    Tyre, Lebanon

  2. The World Heritage in Japan

  3. Infomation of publications about the World Heritage

  4. LINK

    National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan
    UNESCO's World Heritage List

    The World Heritage Cities
    World Heritage
    IUCN - The World Conservation Union
    Shirakawa Village, Japan
    Shirakawago, Japan
    Taira-mura, Toyama pre., Japan
    Kamitaira-mura, Toyama pre., Japan
    The World Heritage Tour on the Web
    Himeji-jo, Japan
    The World Heritage and National Treasure, Himeji-jo, Japan Yoshiyuki Nakayama's page
    The Story of Himeji-jo castle The historical story of Himeji-jo with animation
    Historic Monument of Ancient Kyoto, Japan
    The City of Hiroshima
    Shirakami-Sanchi beech forest, Japan
    TBS's World Heritage
    National Geographic Magazine

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