Chapter 9 - Strumming and Rhythm 

We now need to concentrate on rhythm & melody, when playing the ukulele.  I haven't written about rhythm yet.  If you buy a score book for the ukulele, you will see some marks that show the upstroke and downstroke.

If you play the ukulele, while following the rhythm code, you can play well.
The rhythm is a very important thing, but I haven't say why.  You may say "Why do you have you tell me about the rhythm" and cry.  But I decide what to say below.
"Because I am a poor musician"  so I'll never play good like a score book..
For example, hear my playing in "Chapter 7".  It is playes with the same rhythm.  My friend, who is a musician, says rhythm is easy, but for me it is difficult.  So I decided to write about the rhythm and strumming of the ukulele.  I can't understand some difficult rhythms, but I can sing Karaoke.
The most basic stroke is only up and down.  If you need more, you can try.  But if you feel good playing, you don't have to worry about the strumming pattern..

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