In Arabic, UFO is called 'Tabaq Tahera,' which means 'dish plane.'

For your information, Khartum is the capital of Sudan. Just in case, Sudan is in Africa, in the south of Egypt.
A Saudi newspaper reported that UFO is witnessed in Khartum in October 1996.
Around 4 a.m., a shining object flew from east to west and stopped for a minute 10 meters above the ground.
A witness said, "It has round body with windows, from there red light was coming. And the white light was coming from the bottom."
Another person said he picked up an object which looked like a piece of clear glass, but it suddenly dissappered.
And the UFO stopped by a bakery! It stopped 5 meters above the ground in front of the bakery, but flew away when the crowds came. It seems like UFO is concerned all over the world.