It is the strange type of industry alternating current meeting where a generation of DANKAI. DANKAI is the coined word that the name hinted at a generation born in 1950 year from 1947, and was said.Though I participated recently,there are study circles of Internet. There was the first alternating current society this year at a hotel new ground in Yokohamaon March 19.
When it is necessary by detailed contents, please look at
DANKAI Home Pageihttp://mikilab.doshisha.ac.jp/dankai).

I can follow from about 1985 and am a meeting of a gourmet.

In 1965 , camp store of advertisement club for the each university competed there store to a beach of SYONAN and BOSO .

Camp store of Aoyamagakuin univ. tries with Tomiura of BOSO this year.

It is with the 35th anniversary this year.I utilize a net and consider it to be by a help.

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