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Chuden (The Second Book)

Kendo is Jitoku (self-realization) things that became turning points

As I wrote in the preface, I believe that the progress in Kendo entirely lies in Jitoku (self-realization of things). Therefore, I feel somewhat uncomfortable referring to grading exams when explaining my Kendo secrets. However, when I look back upon my Kendo progress, I think that passing an exam has always provided me with a chance to reflect upon my own Kendo so far. As I get into the next stage of Kendo, I always realize a few things which I did not think about before; by receiving advice from Sensei, watching how other people play, and reading writings by masters of the past. In this book, I would like to introduce points which I kept in mind at each stage.


To handle an opponent. To make an opponent move with Kyo.


The left hand shows the state of your mind. Do not move it.
The grip of the right hand. Especially its looseness.
To express earnestness.


How to dominate the center.
What is the true Seme?

My current assignments:

To foresee.
Haja-Kensei (to break evil ways and promote the right way).

written by Ryoichi Shimano

translated by Hiroyuki Otaki (Shidokan Kendo Club)

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