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Who am I???About Tenten(Y.Shima)

Y.Shima (Pen name : tenten)

My Piano Home Page

MIDI tenten home page

Please access this page. You can get some MUSIC MIDI/PCM DATA.

Produced by tenten

DTM Magazine

Now,I write articles and compose music monthly in 'DTM Magazine' published by BNN
My column is 'How to edit sounds using GS(SC55)'.Have a look!
DTM means "Desk Top Music" MIDI

My favorite home pages(not necessarily linked to computer music)

HEP Tsukuba Home Page

High Energy Physics Lab in Tsukuba Univ.
Packet Radio User's Group Home Page
link to PURG home page. I'm not a member.
FPMB is the program for the packeter in ham radio. By clicking , you will get linked to 'ftp://fueipc.fukuoka-edu.ac.jp/pub/fpmb' so that you can get the programs.
MIDI Home Page
link to "http://www.eeb.ele.tue.nl/midi/"
Computer Music Jounal
Computer Music Journal
Future Net in UK
This page include the Future Music Magazine in UK

Rim FTP site

KEK Home Page

KURITA Museum(Test!)

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Special thanks to Dany.
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