Microscope Photos

@This is our microscope. I am not a vet or a specialist, but I think it worthy to own a microscope in order to make a conatant check of my tortoises' feces. We add some optional systems to this body. For example, a Photomicro adapter.

Pin worm eggs

The egg has a thick-wall and the shape is like a seed of persimmon. The parasite's ova are not infectious, immediately after they are excreted. It needs 6 to 24 hours to become infectious. The size is 60 x 30 microns. (Magnification x 200.) A few hours later. A larvae is growing.

A larvae has become infectious.
It's still growing up in the egg. Grown up larvae.

Hatching A larvae which has hatched.

A KIND OF Nematodes

This nematodes was found in the feces of Chignon( a Hosrfield tortoise). The length is 4mm. And I found both male and female worms. So I first thought it to be a kind of pinworm. But it may be a kind of hookworm. It's color is white. (Magnification is 40.) A close-up of it's mouth. I can not conclude that it is a kind of pinworm or hook worm. (Magnification x 100.) Many eggs can be seen in it's uterus. I can see over 80 eggs. (Magnification x 100.)