OSO's 3DCG Exhibition

Original 3DCG images, Stereo-Pairs, and Autostereograms

Craters (3D Fractal, 640x400, 46KB)

Sunrise (3D Fractal, 640x400, 11KB)

Tetrahedrons (3D Fractal, 640x400, 46KB)

Tetrahedrons-II (3D Fractal, Stereo-Pair, 640x400, 48KB)

Messier-3:CG (Globular Cluster Model, Stereo-Pair, 640x400, 69KB)

Nocturn (Globular Cluster Model & 3D Fractal, 640x400, 85KB)

Stars and Stars (Autostereogram, Multi-Focuci, 640x400, 15KB)

Dragnet (Autostereogram, Multi-Focuci, 640x400, 15KB)

Haze (Autostereogram, Photomapping, 507x338, 21KB)

Cave (Autostereogram, Photomapping, 507x338, 43KB)

Pillars (Autostereogram, Photomapping, 507x338, 57KB)

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