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"Dog?" - GIF89a animation, 1991

Welcome to my home page

OSO's 3DCG Exhibition

    If you are interested in Computer Generated Pictures, visit my 3DCG exhibition.

    Pictures displayed were created by original software (written in Pascal) on a 16-bit machine during the period from 1990 to 1993. You can see some of them at NIFTY-Serve, CompuServe, and a book of stereograms published from Tokuma-Shoten. But here you can see them at once and in the original touch.

OSO's Software Shop (for DOS and Windows)

    If you are interested in Graphics Software, drop by my software shop.

    Sorry, I promise you that the inventory of this shop will increase in a (not near) future. Because I am a weekend 3DCG painter, a weekend graphics programmer, and ..... I have three kids (+ a wife) to play with on every weekend ;-).

Please write your comments to : oso@st.rim.or.jp or GAA01001@niftyserve.or.jp
    Q: What does "OSO" mean?
    A: Negate "SOS".
    Q: Oh... but why negation?
    A: Because I am independent.
    Q: Hmm, sounds like you live in a very small island.
    A: You could be right if WWW did not appear.
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