Chapter 6 - Playing the Ukulele Live

If you study the basic chords, you should play for many people.  Even if you can play only three chords,  it is just enough.
If your family and friends' faces turn bitter,  you don't have to worry. If you are a poor player, just back up slowly and fade away.
When you begin, nobody will come to hear you play, unless you are Eric Clapton, which would be an exception. The basic style is "Nagashi" which is the style used by the Japanese street musician.  This style is good for quick playing.
Ukulele is the miracle music instrument  .The ukulele sound won't interrupt the talking of business or the whisper of lovers. 
This merit makes it easy to play for many people.
If you softly hold a baby or cat under your arms, usually some people will smile and say "How pretty this baby is! or How cute this cat is!"  On the other hand, the ukulele will not make people so excited.  You must practice the music that I showed you in Chapter 5  ."Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Tafua Fuwai", "Blowin' in the Wind"etc...
So are you ready ?

Don't play!

If you are still a poor player, you don't have to play.  You are playing music not typwriting.  Forget your fingering and song voice.  The most important thing is to keep the rhythm and continue singing.  This technique is very useful if you memorize only the first chords of some songs.


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