Chapter 4 - Tuning

When you buy a ukulele, look it over and explore it.  The first thing to do next is to tune it.  The tuning method for the ukulele is very important.  The strings of the ukulele become loose quickly.  It is important that you are able to tuning it quickly; anytime, anywhere.

  1. First, tune the 3rd string to "C".
  2. OK? Next you hold the 3rd string at the 4th fret, and play it.
    It's note is " E".
  3. Next you must tune the 2nd string. The "E " sound of the 3rd and 2nd free strings is the same.
  4. OK? Next you must hold the 3rd fret of the 2nd string, which is " G". Are you all right? It's the same note as the open 4th string.
  5. Lastly, hold the 2nd fret of the 4th string until it sounds the same as the open first string.
How about this? Are you all right?  The tuning scales of the ukulele are connected to one other.  You don't have to start "C".  You may start tuning from whichever scale you like.

Hanako sa-n

The most famous Japanese ukulele player is Shinji Maki.  He is a comedian . The disk of ukulele lessons directed and acted by him shows the tuning of the ukulele.  It says the tuned up strings sound like "".  Hanako is the most famous Japanese name of females . It sounds like "Hanakosan" however I tune the strings.  Do I have poor ears?

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