Chapter 2- Purchasing a Ukulele

These are like toys.  The strings on ukuleles in this range get loose very easily so you have to tune inbetween every song.

My first ukulele was in this range.  In japan, the easiest ukuleles to find are of this type.  The most famous Japanese ukulele company is "Famous".(grin.grin)  I suggest this class for beginners.

Over $300
The King of Guitars, "Martin" also makes ukuleles. They are expensive but have good structure and good sound.  These won't make you tired, either.



Shapes of the Ukulele

Ukuleles come in two shapes.  The regular type is like a female's body and the other is shaped like a pineapple.  It's cute and the sound is more mild than the regular type, so my first ukulele is this shapes.

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