My first race.What do I bring with?
You must only take MTB,helmet,glove,for first race. And you'd better to bring waterbottle,tool,infrator,spare tube,spare tire,sunglasses or gogle,and banana.

What kind race can I enjoy ?
There are some unique race recentry.I introduce popular style.

If my tire of bike is broken during the race?
You must repair your bike ,if your bike will be broken.You had better take tube and infrator.

I want to training DH riding.
Ski area in summer is good and safety course of DH training.

Please show me results of Atranta Olympic games
Men Cross Country Final Results
1 Bart Brentjens Netherlands 2:17:38
2 Thomas Frischknecht Switzerland 2:20:14
3 Miguel Martinez France 2:20:36
4 Christophe Dupouey France 2:25:03
5 Daniele Pontoni Italy 2:25:08
6 Jose Andres Bremes Costa Rica 2:25:51
7 Lennie Kristensen Denmark 2:26:02
8 Luca Bramati Italy 2:26:05
9 Cadel Evans Australia 2:26:15
10 Ralph Berner Germany 2:27:45
11 Rune Hoydahl Norway 2:28:16
12 Gary Foord Britain 2:29:10
13 Warren Sallenback Canada 2:29:57

Women Cross Country Final Results

1 Paola Pezzo Italy 1:50:51
2 Alison Sydor Canada 1:51:58
3 Susan De Mattei United States 1:52:36
4 Gunn-Rita Dahle Norway 1:53:50
5 Elsbeth Vink Netherlands 1:54:38
6 Annabella Stropparo Italy 1:55:56
7 Regina Marunde Germany 1:51:21
8 Kathy Lynch New Zealand 1:57:40
9 Eva Orvosova Slovak Republic 1:57:56
10 Juliana Furtado United States 1:58:32
11 Laurence Leboucher France 1:59:00
12 Daniela Gassman Switzerland 1:59:11
13 Lesley Tomlinson Canada 2:01:04

What thing is it necessary to bring to bike touring?
Ordinary one day touring.

I is regular plan.I suggest you arrenge youself.

Tell me the how to ride rainy race.