MTB is too expensive.
I think so . But bycycle is more cheap than moterbikes cars and personal computer.Any hobby spends your money.MTB is one of most cheap hobby.

Where do I buy MTB ?
I suggest you to buy bycycle pro shop.Price is expencive a little,but afterservice is good.Bycycle is build up in every bycycle shop. Good shop have good mechanic staff.

Can I move by train with MTB?
Yes,transporter's bag is sold by some company.

What kind glasses is good?
Best choice is contactrens & gogle.If you feel bad for contactrenses,you had better to use a gogle which can put on ajust renses.

I ashame of my bold head.
Don't forget helmet,when you ride MTB.

MTB is too expencive to buy.
MTB is not only macine name.MTB is spirit of field .What kind bike you have,please try to ride offroad riding.It's very exiting and fan.But be careful of accident.If you retired by injury,you can't buy new bike.

Show me the homepages of MTB

I love Jonny T.I have bought Yety putted on dropber.Next I bought Jhon Tomac model of Raleigh.It's over $15000.
Now he is rider of Giant.I spend much money.

Not be angry.You will be able to open "The Jonny T museum".By the way do you already make the helmet painted a eagle.

One day I went to touring with my lover.Our bike is picked up my car. After riding ,I want to go motel with her.I want only to take a bath. I did't think other fun.
But our bycycle is touch the gate of the motel. When she is sleeping,I tried once and twice.So she waked up,she was angry. Please tell me go to motel after bike touring with my lover.

The first you act gently for your lover.And the romantic music. If you can get her agreement.You must drive into the motel. You might scale height of your car+carrier+your bike. It is showen at the topbar of gate,max height. You can find ok or not.
@And the carrier which is adgust front fork,is more smaller than standard type..The best way to go to the motel is carrying the bike inside your car.

What is differance ATB and MTB?
ATB is thinked by bycycle maker. But saying ATB is not cool .I have heared no MTB riders says "ATB".

I ride MTB on the street.I must put helmet?
No,you mustn't put helmet by your own risk.The pro racer of Tour de France is choice their dicide."Put or not put the helmet"

Why the vizer putted on the helmet?
It is for that you can check front or back of your helmet.

I want buy the Giro Helmet.But my head is not fit them.
The One way is curving or cut your head for Giro.But it's difficlt for the people of not doctor.
The other way to fit the helmet,you will use the bandana.
A little large helmet is fitted by tieing the bandana under the helmet.
And the helmet of Giro have some pad for fitting.You may adjust your head to it