I feel a pain my hip when riding .
The reason of your pine is bad posithion of your bike.Check saddle,stem and saddle position,and move height and back and forward.Look out your best riding form.Bad position makes you be tired and give damege.

I'm not good at hill crimbing.Which is better sitting or standing?
I ride by sitting form when climbing hill.My friend is standing.It is your choice.But standing form makes you be tired.Once you begin to dance,you had better continue dincing untill you arrive top.

When I climb hill in the crosscountry race.I was pushing the my bike.So I thougt "Why was I here?".And I thougt It's faster than riding bike that pushing my bike?
When I pedaling the bike,we can move 7km per hour.But ordinary people walk by 4km per hour.If you walk by over 7km/h,you will better retired to riding.If you run fast with bike,you will be good rider.

Please tell me how to climb the hill .

  1. First deside to climb to the top.
  2. If in the race,you must inspect the cource.
  3. Don't "push" pedal,"rotate it smoothly.
  4. SPD is most nesessaly parts.

Why MTB have twin shifter?

I think about this problem the most easy way .
Rear…Think like a Adjuster
Outer gear…●OnRoad
       ●offroad downhill
Center gear…●regular offroad
inner gear …●offroad hard hill crime

I can't pedaling good at the onroad cycling.