QV-10 FAQ Version: 2.26 (1999-04-29)

8. QV-10 FAQ English Digest


Any help, specially translators are welcome!

Caution: Please don't ask me to send CASIO's software product! That is NOT free software.

8-1: HELP!


- QV-10

Try the QV link software to control QV-10. If you can connect to it, delete the broken image (maybe the last one). The other hand, a free software is available to reset. See 8-2.

You should look out for LOW BATTERY to avoid memory related ERRORs.

- QV-10A (and the others?)

To reset, push [ZOOM]-[DEL]-[Power ON] with AC Adapter.

  MEMORY ERROR #1 ... You can reset QV-10, but the index data will be
  MEMORY ERROR #2 ... You can reset it, but all images will be lost.
  MEMORY ERROR #3 ... You can NOT reset it.  You should take it to the
                      dealer to repair.

8-2: Resources

Technical information (in English):

        ... CASIO USA Home Page
        ... QV Plaza in English in Japan!
        ... QV-10 "CAM" format analysis (unofficial) by Iwata
        ... QV-10 communication protocol analysis (unofficial) by Hayashi
        ... QV-10 Error recovery command analysis (unofficial) by Goto.

<http://www.wherry.com/gadgets/qv10/> ... Wherry's QV-10 Report <http://rainbow.rmii.com/‾plugin/> ... "Digital Camera Guide" by Plug-In Systems. <http://www.itojun.org/digi-cam/list/> ... "digital camera related internet resources" by itojun <http://www.itojun.org/digi-cam/digicamdb/digicamdb.cgi> ... Digital camera spec database.

Software (some software Japanese version only):

        ... QV-TWAIN Module for Photoshop for Windows95,3.1
            QV Plug-in for Photoshop for Macintosh
        ... VuePrint; Hamrick's graphic viewer for Win. Shareware.
        ... qvplay; communication freeware! for UNIX、X680x0、WinNT/95
            by Hayashi. With a error recovery program.
        ... Mr. "itojun" QV-10 software collection
            unix/cam2jpeg.shar ... C program source by itojun.
                from QV-10 to QV-5000SX (1280x980)!
            unix/camtoppm.pl.shar ... Perl script by Senda.
            unix/qvplay-0.10.tar.gz ... UNIX comm. soft by Hayashi.
            mac/CAMConverter.0.4.hqx ... CAM to JPEG for Macintosh.
        ... "xv" (for UNIX X-Window) Japanese patch.
        ... CAM tools for Mac. Photoshop plug-in, Drag&Drop JPEG/PICT 
            converter and Drag&Drop preview icon maker.
        ... Many digital camera tools for Mac and Windows.
        ... Mac, GraphicConverter plug-in, "CAMImport".
        ... Susie; graphics viewer for Win. CAM plug-in available.
    or CompuServe HPHAND Library: 100/200LX Datacomm (9) File: QVCOM.ZIP
        ... QVCOM (English version) is a communication program for
            connecting QV-10 to HP100/200LX. Beta version, with
            English User's guide. Photoware by Masaki "Mrahma" Tsumori.
        ... Nick Hubbard's qv.exe is data comm. software for Windows.
        ... "QV Remote" is qvplay port to HP100/200LX
        ... Shareware link software for Windows95, WindowsNT
        ... JCam: Software for any Digital Camera, any OS
        ... GIMP (UNIX) plug-in; qvplay porting
        ... NEW! ActiveX for communication. Made in Brazil. NEW!
            (Visual Basic 5.0 source code)

QV-10 Users Pages (in English):

        ... Yamagishi's Japanese landscale.
        ... Yutaka Ohno's photo gallery.

Others (in English):

        ... QV-1 photo contest.

QV-10 FAQ Version: 2.26 (1999-04-29)