Program for Phonology Forum 1998

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Phonology Forum 1998

September 3(Thu.)-5(Sat.), 1998
Kobe University


September 3, 1998 (Thu.)
Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Letters Building, Kobe University
  Presentations with 40 min. talk and 15 min. Q and A, and 
  Lectures with 60 min. talk and 30 min. Q and A)

Chair: Shin-Ichi Tanaka (Nagoya University)

10:20-10:30 An Opening Remark 
     from President Shosuke Haraguchi (University of Tsukuba)

10:30-11:25 Ken-Ichi Kadooka (Ryukoku University)
     Phonetic and/or Phonological Symmetry of the Vowel Systems

11:25-12:20 Noriko Hattori 
     (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mie University)
     On the Convergence of Accentual Patterns -- "drift" Observed in Variation

(Lunch Break)

Chair: Akio Nasu (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)

2:00-2:55 Motoko Katayama (The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
     Markedness of [au] in Japanese − Evidence from Loanwords

2:55-3:50 Tomoko Ando (Department of Linguistics, 
     Graduate School of Letters, University of Nagoya)
     A Parallel Computation of Accentuation and 
     Yer-Vowel Realization in Russian


Chair: Haruo Kubozono (Kobe University)

4:05-5:35 Lecture:
     Alan Prince (Rutgers University) 
     Foundations of Optimality Theory

September 4, 1998 (Fri.)
Takigawa Memorial Hall, Kobe University

Chair: Koichi Tateishi (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)

10:00-10:55 Seiichiro Kikuchi 
     (Tohoku University and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
     Opacity and Transparency in Spanish Plurals: A Sympathetic Approach

10:55-11:50 Hideki Zamma 
     (Institute of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Tsukuba)
     Suffixation and Phonological Phenomena: From Lexical Phonology to Lexical
     Specification Theory

(Lunch Break)

1:25-2:20 Haruka Fukazawa (University of Maryland), 
     Mafuyu Kitahara (Indiana University), and 
     Mitsuhiko Ota (Georgetown University)
     Multiple Faithfulness in the Structure and Acquisition of Lexical Strata:
     Evidence from Japanese


Chair: Motoko Katayama (The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

2:35-4:05 Lecture:
     Junko Ito and Armin Mester  (University of California at Santa Cruz)
     Faithfulness and Syllabification


Chair: Haruo Kubozono (Kobe University)

4:20-5:50 Lecture:
     Alan Prince (Rutgers University) 
     Current Directions in Optimality Theory

6:00- Party(Takigawa Memorial Hall)
     Fee: \3,000 (Students: \2,000)
     All Participants Are Welcomed!!!

September 5, 1998 (Sat.)
Takigawa Memorial Hall, Kobe University

Chair: Noriko Yamane (Aichi Prefectural University and Chukyo University)

10:00-10:55 Keiichiro Suzuki 
     (Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration)
     The Role of 'Sequence' in Dissimilation

10:55-11:50 Mafuyu Kitahara 
     (Department of Linguistics/Cognitive Science Program, Indiana University)
     Vowel Devoicing and the Loss of H* Tone in Tokyo Japanese

(Lunch Break)

Chair: Itsue Kawagoe (Kyoto Sangyo University)

1:25-2:20 Miki Taniguchi 
     (The Graduate School of Language and Culture of Osaka University)
     Acquisition of Gemination by Korean Learners of Japanese as Second 
     Language ---Production in Words and Sentences---

2:20-3:15 Yasushi Terao (Tokoha Gakuen College) and 
     Tadao Murata (Kyusyu Institute of Technology)
     Articulability of two consecutive morae in Japanese speech and 
     theoretical implications for language production models


Chair: Yuko Yoshida (Doshisya University)

3:30-5:00 Lecture:
     Jeroen van de Weijer (HIL, Leiden University) 
     Analogical Change in Optimality Theory

Members of the Phonological Society of Japan: Free
Non-Members: \2,000 (Students \1,000)

Koichi Tateishi
E-Mail:	tatekoo@ari.bekkoame.ne.jp

Vicinity: http://www2.kobe-u.ac.jp/campus/cmap1_ne.html
Rokkoudai Campus: http://www2.kobe-u.ac.jp/campus/cmap2_ne.html
Bird View: http://www2.kobe-u.ac.jp/images/lrmap-j.html

Routes to Kobe University
1. Take a taxi from Shin-Kobe (Shinkansen-Line) to "Kobe-Dai Bungakubu".  
   Takes 15 min.
2. Take a bus for "Tsurukabuto Danchi" (#36) from JR Rokkomichi Station 
   (30 min. by the rapid service train from Shikansen's Shin-Osaka Station). 
   Get off at "Kobe-Dai Bun-Ri-No-Gakubu-Mae."
3. Take a bus for "Tsurukabuto Danchi" (#36) from Hankyu Rokko Station
   (30 min. by the train from Hankyu Umeda).  
   Get off at "Kobe-Dai Bun-Ri-No-Gakubu-Mae."
4. It is a ten minutes' walk from Hankyuu Rokko Station, but you need a guy
   who knows the puzzling route ;-)

Faculty of Letters can be found on your front as you walk through the gate by
the Kobe-Dai Bun-Ri-No-Gakubu Mae stop to the rotary.  Takigawa Memorial Hall
is next to it to the southwest.

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