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FutureBASIC Sample Code
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About FB and My Sample Code

FutureBASIC is a novice-friendly BASIC language development environment for Macintosh. It had been published by Zedcor inc. and now from STAZ software. For more info and other sample programs, GOSUB Unofficial FutureBASIC Web Page. For official info and tech support, GOTO Staz software. We have a FAQ on FB(ver 1.3), too. And Question and Problem Form for beginners is found at the bottom of Croushorn's FB page. Finally, you may find other places in my link page.

The second generation, FutureBASIC II has several improvements over the old FB:

The upgrade info from STAZ is here. An excellent review is available. This article was posted to comp.sys.mac.apps by Alan Weiss of AT&T Bell Labs. Any Mac mag reviews? Sure. Charles Seiter reviewed FB II in July 96 issue of MacWorld (Rating: three stars).

Anyway, here's four sample programs (include sources and executables). I wrote first two originally in FutureBASIC 1.03 and tested with FutureBASIC II 2.1.3 successfully. The last two were written in FB II 2.1.3. All of them are simple, yet there might be some use even if you are a non-programmer. Enjoy.

Official Sample Programs

STAZ software offers numbers of official sample programs on their web. But their ftp site, which is linked from the web, seems very 'far' from Japan. So I decided to mirror the web/ftp. The mirror will be updated weekly.

Current Version of FB

As is often the case with new software, FBII/PG still has some minor bugs. Let's update our copies to current. The newest versions as of 7/30/96 are: This time, the updater is available in 2 parts. These updaters will make every change necessary in a file that dates all the way back to FB II version 2.0 or PG version 4.0.

Subscribing to FB mailing list

To join FB mailing list (with busy traffic, really), send e-mail:
SUBJECT: <anything goes>
BODY: subscribe futurebasic yourfirstname yourlastname
The list server accepts some other commands. You can get some info here. Also, the archive of FBML is available on the web.

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Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Please e-mail to: gkt@st.rim.or.jp or sign my Guestbook.

Last Update: 10/26/96