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Here's some useless and even useful information to use your Macintosh computer for fun, among other things. Thanks for your visiting. Have a nice stay.

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Sorry, I'm to busy... Major update won't be done until April 97. Thanx.

Independent Computing was the title of my monthly column which had been on MacPower magazine (published by ASCII co.) until March 1995. The same column is now named Silicon Magic. But I prefer the former title and decided to use it here.

Actually, I have now another column titled Heavenly Resources on the magazine, too. While Silicon Magic discusses about computing in general (the contents varies month to month), Heavenly Resources is dedicated to the art of Macintosh resource editing.

Below are topics available right now (new! shows it's a new item, while up! indicates an item with lately updated info):

And I plan to add these later:

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