The questions are from this book.
Everyday Customs Around the World

This book presents a collection of customs accepted in various countries of the world
that present-day we should be aware of.
There will be a few surprises, but the topics covered will occur to anyone
who is familiar with those countries.

TITLE Everyday Customs Around the World
AUTHOR Ayako Adachi
PUBLISHER Kodansha International Ltd.
Price 1200 yen
Sale Date March 26, 1999
This is a bilingual book!
It has both English and Japanese in a book.

Basic Knowledge for Socializing with People Around the World
Food Customs of the World That Go Beyond Taste
I Can't Believe That Toilet! Living Spaces of the World
In Any Country, "Clothes Make the Man"
Marriages and Families with Complicated Rules
World Calendars That Don't Have 365 Days
Is Loitering a Crime? Street Life and Customs
Where Are the Real Workers? Businessman of the World
Sports and Leisure in Japan and Around the World
Fair or Unfair? Public Facilities in Different Countries
Educational Systems Stricter Than Japan's

Message from the Author
Television news are talking about the leaders of the terrorists in foreign countries almost everyday but we hardly know how the people in those countries eat their meal everyday or how's the toilet in those countries are.
I accomplished this book with the help of those who live in Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt ... the information was sent through Internet!
If you get some idea from this book, please give me a message!
Ayako Adachi

By the way, usually family name comes first with Japanese names and I should tell my name 'Adachi Ayako.' But this is one of Japanese strange customs that you'll tell your family name later when you say that in English ... !

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