It was dawn. I felt that the light through the window was faint. I thought that's because I was in shiny Izmir till the day before. When I opened the window, I found it was rainy. Istanbul in rain ... that wasn't so bad. This place is an old city colored with the glory, the shadow of the Roman Empire, and the war cry of many people. I was very in the history. I was very excited with joy. When I was on a street in the old city, It was raining softly as if it tried to calm me down.
You can find out the St. Sophia at the end of a main street from Old City to Bosphorus. It takes 20 minutes from the Istanbul University by walk. Probably several centuries ago, there were many sort of constructions along this street. Today, you can see only the blocks of marble that were once the parts of ancient buildings (Kiseo Yamasaki).