Dahshur's pyramids are about10km south of Saqqara, which is famous for the Step Piramid. There are three pyramids in Dahshur--the Bent Pyramid, the True Pyramid, and a small one which is almost broken. The Bent Pyramid and the True Pyramid are the third and the fourth in those size, next to the Cheops' and Chephren's in Giza. You can get into the site If you take a permission through a travel agency, but it was forbidden when I was living in Cairo (I heard because it was a military zone).
One day, I was driving down the Saqqara road and stopped my car near the Dahshur's pyramids to take some pictures. I put on the brake, got off the car, and locked the door. Then, suddenly, a word came to my mind.
"Key ..."
My key was inside the car, hanging under the handle. The engine was slightly buzzing. I found that I locked out myself, far away from my apartment, on the road on which the car rarely comes. (Rei Hani)